//Name of Bhatkal Being Spoiled: SP

Name of Bhatkal Being Spoiled: SP

S.O. News service, Bhatkal, 10 Nov.

“The name of Bhatkal is being spoiled in the whole state because of the conflicts between Hindus and Muslims”, said Superintendent of Police Mr S Ravi. He said while speaking for “Message of humanity forum” at Moulana Abul Hasan Nadvi Islamic Academy hall. He stated that in the entire state in many areas many incidents take place but when a small incident is happens in Bhatkal; it is made a big issue. People of both the communities’ start talking. With mobile the news spreads far and wide, many people try to create violence for their personal reasons also. He told that unity is must between the communities, to make this happen both communities should organize programme in every area and should stretch the hands of friendship. He told that in Muslim institution there are 10% Hindu students and 5% Muslim students in Hindu institution. This itself proves that there is a big detachment between these two communities.

He further added that in this type of program same faces are seen as in the other programs like in the other program. The youth plays a very important role in both the phase of violence. It is the youth itself who do not listen to the leaders during the violence. Tournaments like Kabaddi, cricket must be organized to bring as many people as possible for the sake of unity and this work should be done very often, he suggest.

He sternly said that strict action will be taken if anybody tries to break the law.

Moulana Abdul Bari Nadvi, Principal Jamia Islamia Bhatkal, brought into the light the stories of Sahaba’s (Prophet’s companion) and tried to explain that if the ruler understand his duty and do their work properly then automatically his people will understand their duties. He told the stories of Hazrat Abubaker Siddique and Hazrat Umar as to how they sacrificed themselves for the sake of their peoples. He requested the district administration to act equally for all the communities.

Ex MLA Mr J D Naik said that who ever may commits crime must be punished. Surinder Shanbag, President of Seva Vahini, BJP District President N G Kolle, District Commissioner Riteshkumar Singh, President of Zilla Panchayat Damodar Gardikar and others also spoke at this function. Abdul Salam Puthige the chief editor of Vartha Bharti presided over the function and Mohtesham Abdul Gani President of the forum inaugurated the function. General Secretary of the forum Moulana Ilyas welcomed the guests and compeered the program.