//I am a Dalit, How are you?

I am a Dalit, How are you?

160 million people in India are born outside the four castes of the Hindu  Caste (Varna) system – the oldest surviving social hierarchy of the world. They are called the "untouchables" or Dalits.

They themselves have chosen the name DALITS (broken people). Watch, one of the best documentaries done so far on Dalit life in India.

Every hour two Dalits were assaulted; every day three Dalit women raped, two Dalits murdered, and two Dalit homes torched. Yet the actual reality of crimes against Dalits is much worse than these numbers suggest. Amnesty estimated that only about 5 percent of attacks are registered.

The girl in the clipping reminds us of Priyanka in Kherlanji Massacre . Both share the dreams of touching sky-reaching new heights but the wings are clipped by caste dynamics. Who will free them before they die?


A small 8-10 min. documentary on sufferings of India's Dalits.

Please click below to watch the video. Source:IDSN and Dalit.Org