//Murder of Kerala mother and twins

Murder of Kerala mother and twins

Jayanth Jacob, Indian Express
Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Delhi, November 10: The murder was plotted by two friends in an army camp in Pathankot and executed hundreds of miles away in a village in Kerala by one of them.

The Kerala police is now looking for two army jawans for the murder of a young woman and her twin, new-born daughters.

The Kerala Crime Branch CID is looking for P Rajesh, 28, and B. Divil Kumar, 21, both from the 45/65 Air Defence Regiment, Pathankot. The Army has declared both of them deserters and is helping the investigation team with details.

Rajesh has been with the army for eight years and Divil for three. According to the investigators, they hatched a conspiracy to murder Divil’s lover Renjini at the Army camp, and Rajesh executed it.

Divil, a native of Alayamon in south Kerala’s Kollam district, was in love in Renjini, his neighbour and childhood friend. He had promised to marry her. When Renjini became pregnant, he changed his mind and asked her to undergo an abortion. “But by that time, it was too late for an abortion. And the girl was admitted to a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram,’’ says M A Rashid, detective inspector of Crime Branch CID, who heads the investigation.

The girl’s family moved the Kerala Women’s Commission which in turn asked for a DNA test. “When they came to know about it, Divil and Rajesh plotted to eliminate her,” says Rashid. Then unfolded a plot which could beat a Bollywood script.

Rajesh, a native Kannur, came to the hospital in Thiruvananthapuram, where the girl was admitted for delivery. Rajesh posed as an attendant to another patient, introduced himself as Anil and made friends with Renjini’s mother.

For the hapless mother who was abandoned by the relatives after the daughter got pregnant, the friendly stranger was godsend. He was there to run around for errands. When Renjini, who gave birth to two daughters, was discharged, he, too, accompanied the family to their home. He would visit them often. On February 10, 2006, 17 days after Renjini was discharged, Rajesh came and allegedly murdered her and her daughters.

What gave away the carefully woven plot was a second-hand motorbike that Rajesh had purchased from Ulloor near Thiruvananthapuram. Investigators say that the cap of its oil tank developed a problem and he approached a mechanic to fix it. Police believe Divil too was with him when he stayed in the city. The mechanic had noted down the number and told the police that he had seen the man who came with the bike take money from an SBI ATM.

“We took out the transaction list and found that one person who withdrew the money had an army address. Later we took out his photograph and showed to Renjini’s mother and she identified Anil, who was Rajesh,” says Rashid. The investigators say Divil resumed duty on the day of the murder.

When Kerala Police sought Divil’s presence for investigations, he was sent along with a fellow officer but he jumped from the moving train before it reached Delhi and escaped. The Army version is slightly different. Its spokesperson said: “Both haven’t joined duty after the leave. We have provided the Kerala police with their service records and are helping them in the investigations.”

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