//Peechi Ulsava Seminar

Peechi Ulsava Seminar

24-25 November 2006, KFRI, Peechi, Thrissur

In connection with the Peechi Festival of the Suvarna Jubilee Celebrations, two Seminars are proposed on 24 & 25th November 2006.

The Seminar entitled Vanam Janananmakku will be inaugurated by Hon'ble minister for Forest Shri. Binoy Viswam  on 24-11-06 Friday, 10 AM at Kerala Forest Research Institute. Following papers Vanam-Biodiversity Conservation, Peechi Vana Mekhala- Samrakshanavum samagravikasanavum, Karshika vanavalkaranavum and Thathesha Vasikalum  Vanasamrakshanavum will be presented by experts and discussed in the sessions.
In the Second day the Seminar on Jalam Jeeva Jalam will inaugurate by Shri N.K Premachandran, Hon'ble minister for Water Resources on 25th Nov. 2006 Saturday, 10 AM at KFRI.

The Papers presenting in the seminar are Peechi Jalasejana Pathathi- Jala Labiathayum Avasiakathayum, Karuvannur Natheethadathilay Jalavibhava Srothasukal, Natheethada  Pthathikalilay Jalagunanilavaram- Prasnangalum Pariharamargangalum, Nelvayalukal Neernilangal and Jala Samrakshanam Janapankalithathilooday by eminent experts from various institutions. The seminar will discuss aspects related to the conservation, management and livelihood development issues based on these two vital natural resources at local  level and bring out strategies for the sustainable development of the region.
Those who are interested to attend in the Seminar can register their name and address with

Dr. Mohammed Kunhi,
Peechi Ulsava Seminar Committee,
Kerala Forest Research Institute,

Email :[email protected]