//Angelina Jolie angry with Indian Police

Angelina Jolie angry with Indian Police

Taran Khan/Renni Abraham
DNAINDIA.COM November 18, 2006

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is angry at the way her security officers were treated by the Mumbai police, sources close to the film unit of A Mighty Heart told DNA.

Despite rumours that she was set to leave the country early in the wake of the incident, the actress will remain in India till next week.

After two days of high voltage drama, which saw three bodyguards of the star couple running into trouble with the cops, the duo were seen relaxing with their children Zahara and Maddox on Saturday evening by taking a joyride to Alibaug on a ferry.

Jolie has finished her portion of the shooting for A Mighty Heart, which her partner Brad Pitt is producing. Her next destination after India is likely to be Cambodia, which she will visit in her capacity as UN Goodwill Ambassador.

‘Guards were self-employed’

The first day of questioning of the three bodyguards of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Azad Maidan police station focussed around the credentials of the security men.

They were arrested on Friday for allegedly making derogatory remarks to parents of students studying in the Anjum-e-Islam school, where a portion of the film A Mighty Heart was shot.

Investigating Officer Police Sub-Inspector Dhananjay Sonawane told DNA: “We questioned them on Saturday about which security agency they belonged to in the United Kingdom to which the three said they were self-employed security men who were directly hired by Jolie and Pitt. We have also written to the British consulate asking whether any prior government approval was accorded to the security guards.”


Average Indian Male(AVM)-jealous of Angelia Jolie

Lekha Paheli

Mr SA Krishna is personifying the typical Average Indian MALE mentality. He isn't tolerating the success of a young woman like Jolie. With the chaos and anarchy, crime and theft that goes on in Mumbai, I certainly wouldn't side Mumbai police in this incident. By arresting Jolie's guards, to me it looks like they took a few steps to be able to bag a hush-up bribe in DOLLARS! I would like to ask Mr SA Krishna, being an Indian citizen, how many times has he not "broken the Indian law?"- throwing litter in the streets, bribing officers to get jobs done faster, not following traffic rules, building illegal compounds and walls, eve teasing on the streets and a lot more which would not be politically correct to write about in a public newspaper. But, at the first chance of throwing slander at a well achieved, well groomed, highly successful young woman, the AVM wants to be the first one to write to DNA- the most popular news paper in Mumbai! To all such AVMs, my words are "wake up! stand up and match your might with that woman and then we'll accept you trying to 'correct' her".