//Hindu extremists assault Catholic women

Hindu extremists assault Catholic women

Archbishop of Belgaum says that these new signs of anti-Christian hatred must be stopped, appeals to authorities.
Monday, November 20, 2006
by Spero News

An attack against members of a Catholic women’s religious order and the desecration of a Catholic church by Hindu extremists are  acts of violence that “the Church firmly condemns”, said Monsignor Bernard Moras of Belgaum, India.
Furthermore, Archbishop Moras said they are “new signs of anti-Christian hatred that must be stopped,” according to Asia News, about the violent aggression perpetrated last Sunday against the women religious from the Carmelite Seminary Campus, in Carmelaram, a suburb of Bangalore.

A group of Hindu fundamentalists attacked the seminary run by the sisters. After smashing their way into the premises through a window, they reached a small grotto dedicated to the veneration of the Virgin Mary. Here they desecrated and then destroyed the statue of Our Lady, eventually fleeing after a student sounded the alarm.

For the bishop the attack and the desecration “are very serious deeds and show the hatred against out faith. I have sought out state authorities, explaining to them that the spiral of violence is getting worse and must be stopped.”

“Violence,” Mgr Moras said, “is taking place in every corner of the state. Attacking our images is a way of attacking us and our faith”.