//Hanuman and Ravana Playing Cricket Match

Hanuman and Ravana Playing Cricket Match

Hindu organisations protest against sacrilegious VCDs in Punjab

Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Nov 21 (ANI): Bajrang Dal and Sanatan Dharma Sabha activists staged a protest against the sale of VCDs that show Hanuman and Ravana playing a cricket match here on Tuesday.

The protestors said that it was an insult of their religious sentiments and demanded the government to ban the production and sale of the video CD immediately.

"The censor board has not censored such things, which needed to be censored. It will lead towards anger and revolution among the Hindu community and the country. The government has to pay for it. If this VCD is not banned in days to come, then the nation will witness a mass revolution," said Shyam Vaid, a Bajrang Dal member.

The VCD reportedly shows humorous presentation of a cricket match between Lord Hanuman and Ravana, drawing strong objections from Hindu leaders and organisations, who have said that it was a misconception of their epics which could not be tolerated.

The sale of the VCD is increasing in the region of Hoshiarpur and Ludhiana that has further added to the tensions of the Hindu organisations.

Meanwhile, the Police said that they would take any action into the matter after taking legal opinion about it.

"One of the newspapers has written some objectionable things about Lord Hanuman. We will take the legal opinion and then take actions accordingly," said Jaspal Singh, Station House Officer, Hoshiarpur Police Station.

The VCD has been produced and marketed in the area by a company named BH Series. (ANI)