Wednesday November 22 2006 ,NewIndPress.COM

KODIKULAM: The ‘Pappapatti syndrome’ is becoming dangerously contagious, if the auction held allegedly for the post of the ‘likely future’ vice-president in the nearby Kodikulam reserve panchayat in the caste-sensitive Chellampatti Panchayat Union, is any indication.

Kodikulam, reserved on rotation basis for SC women this term, is in the eye of a controversy though elections for the presidentship of the panchayat was conducted in a ‘democratic’ way with the village-sponsored candidate V Balamani ‘adorning’ the prestigious post trouncing two CPM-backed candidates.

With the district administration straining every nerve to contain the spread of the ‘Pappapatti syndrome’ (of forcing the elected Dalit representatives to resign even before the ink could dry), the predominant Piramalai Kallars (sub-sect of Thevars) constituting 75 percent of the population in the Kodikulam panchayat, have taken a ‘short-cut’ to make the democratic exercise a farce.

They, on Saturday, bid for the deputy’s post at Rs. 2.16 lakh, according to the villagers who took part in the auctioning process. The successful bidder, they say, is a local Caste Hindu Karuppu, reportedly a ‘benami’ of AIADMK district panchayat councillor, Panbaalan.