//BJP, HM cadre protest foreign tourists

BJP, HM cadre protest foreign tourists

Wednesday November 22 2006 NewIndPress.COM

TIRUNELVELI: A 25-member group comprising BJP and Hindu Munnani cadre staged a demonstration before the Nellaiappar temple here, protesting a temple visit arranged for a batch of European tourists, on Tuesday.

The tourists, 225 in all, were scheduled to visit the temple at 7.30 am on Tuesday. Meanwhile, around 7 am the BJP and Hindu Munnani cadre gathered before the temple and began sloganeering against the visitors.

Though Inspector Muthukumar and temple administration officer Radhakrishanan tried to dissuade the protestors, they continued sloganeering demanding that the tourists should not be let beyond the flag mast of the temple.

Finally, when the tourists arrived on scene at 9 am, the cadre continued raising slogans and the police had to resort to a mild lathi charge to disperse them.

Nine cadres were taken into custody in connection with the incident.