//Quota sought for Dalit Muslims

Quota sought for Dalit Muslims


PATNA: The All India United Muslim Morcha (AIUMM) chief, M Ezaz Ali, has opposed the move for Muslim reservation tooth and nail and has rather demanded reservation for Dalit Muslims. He was addressing a Muslim Pasi Conference here on Wednesday.

He said that in Muslim religions, too, there are several socially and lowly-placed castes like Mochi, Bhangi, Khatik, Julaha, Bahna, Sapera, Madari, Banjara, Nat, Dhobi, Halkhor, Dom and Mehtar.

These castes are socially and economically as deprived as their peers in Hindu and other religions, he added.

Demanding equal benefits for Muslim Dalits, the AIUMM chief said that the aforementioned castes not only deserve reservation on a par with others in jobs and educational institutions, but also in other sectors as applicable in the case of Dalits belonging to Hindu and other religions.

In the pre-Independence era, the upper caste Muslims enjoyed all the benefits while in the post-Independence period, the OBC Muslims reaped the benefits, Ali said. The Dalit Muslims have always remained deprived of the benefits, he added.

The AIUMM chief demanded introduction of a Dalit Muslim Reservation Bill in the current session of the Parliament along with the women's reservation Bill.