//Conference on People's Foreign Policy

Conference on People's Foreign Policy

7 – 8 December 2006
Cama Hall, Fort, Mumbai, India  
The perceptible shift in India's Foreign Policy over the recent years towards closer strategic ties with the US and Israel, has created an urgent need for all progressive forces to come together to examine, critique and counter the sinister dimensions of such a shift and also work out and offer an alternative people's foreign policy geared towards the goal of creating a just and peaceful world.
The Indo-US nuclear deal, India's stand vis-à-vis Iran's nuclear programme, its increasing cooperation with the apartheid state of Israel, together with the consequent abandonment of the long-standing support to the Palestinian quest for an independent nation, epitomise a betrayal of India's claims of having a sovereign and independent foreign policy.
India's increasing military ties with the USA, joint military exercises, its emergence as the biggest arms purchaser from Israel and its ill-concealed ambitions to emerge as a regional hegemon basking in the reflected glory of the global hegemony, will have serious ramifications not only on India's independent and sovereign status but also for all of Asia in terms of its
security, trade and development. Last but not the least, this is a setback to the process of both regional and global disarmament.
Hence, there is a strong need to take stock of the evolution of India's Foreign Policy so far and also to demystify and decode the concept of "Foreign Policy" so as to bring it back to people's wish.

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