//OBC MPs come together on quota

OBC MPs come together on quota

Bhaskar Roy

NEW DELHI: The one issue that has brought some 200 MPs together on the same platform disregarding different shades of their political allegiance is a demand for "total" implementation of the 27% OBC quota.

Over the past few days, prominent members of the forum have held informal discussions about the need to put pressure on the government to implement the OBC quota "in full" at various levels.

Interestingly, when it comes to OBC issues, the conflicting political identities of the forum members get obliterated.

So, if Congress veteran in Rajya Sabha Hanumanta Rao is the forum convenor, BJP's Lok Sabha member from Bareilly, Santosh Gangwar, is a leading light. Of course, the forum is packed with MPs from Mandalite parties like the RJD, SP and the Dravida outfits.

The forum members have decided to hold their meeting next week to press for introducing OBC quota in elite institutions at the earliest.

In a letter by the OBC MPs, Rao some time back sought to remind government about its promise to extend reservations to higher educational institutions.

Considering that OBC MPs constitute one-third of Lok Sabha, the forum wields enormous influence with every segment of political establishment.