//West Bengal to drop charges against Nepali Maoist Leaders

West Bengal to drop charges against Nepali Maoist Leaders

Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, Nov 29 – The West Bengal State Government on Tuesday ordered the local administration to drop charges filed against senior Maoist leaders Chandra Prakash Gajurel aka Gaurav and Mohan Baidya aka Kiran who are currently languishing in India's Jalpaigudi prison.

According to their lawyer Anamol Prasad, the West Bengal government has given a written order to local authorities in Jalpaiguri to drop charges filed by Siliguri's Matigada Police station against Baidhya as well as charges filed against both Baidhya and Gajurel by Jalpaigudi's Alipur station.


The attorney added that Kolkata's West Bengal State Government Secretariat had dispatched letters addressed to the local administrations at Jalpaigudi and Darjeeling demanding the latter drop both charges against Gajurel and Baidhya.
Prasad also informed that the state government had stated that it would be forwarding the order to drop all filed charges to the Bhaktinagar and Malbazar Stations of Jalpaigudi in a matter of days.

Currently, the two are facing charges under the Indian Penal Code for conspiring against India.

Gaurav had recently been transferred to the jail in Jalpaiguri after he completed his three years of jail sentence in Chennai and was released on September 18. However, he was immediately re-arrested by West Bengal police who slapped fresh charges of treason against him and moved him to a jail in their state.

Gajurel was arrested on August 20, 2003 from Chennai airport as he was about to board an airplane to London. He also faced charges of using fake passport.

Likewise, another senior Maoist leader Mohan Baidya has been languishing in an Indian jail in Siliguri for the past few years.

According to sources, the Maoist duo will be released to the Nepalese authority only after making them public before Indian media persons during a during a press meet to be held at Siliguri or its periphery.

Earlier this month, Indian ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee had assured Maoist leaders of early release of their comrades from the Indian jail.