//A Get Together of Victims of Police Abuse

A Get Together of Victims of Police Abuse

Calicut : Minorities Watch,  Kerala  will host a public meeting of "Victims of Police abuse"  at Town Hall , Calicut on Thursday, 30 November, 2006 at 4.00 PM.

The participating victims include, Mr. Mohsin, a  muslim youth from Thiruvananthapuram, who was wrongly  held in custody  for 12 days by Kerala Police  in a  letter bomb case,  Indian relatives of Pakistani citizen Fahad and the five youths arrested from Panayikulam (Ernakulam).

"This public meeting is an ideological attempt to resist the polarization of communal forces in the security forces and the media", said Minority Rights Watch Chairman, Advocate S. Shanavas and its General Secretary, Advocate M.K. Hariukumar.

Muslims believe that Kerala Police had  adopted a method to brand all those who belong to Muslim community as "terrorists". Recently, the state regime conducted massive raids in Muslim households with the support of  media hyped " Terror News".  The events lead to extra judicial detention of many Muslim youths including Mr. Mohsin. He was arrested on a letter bomb without any evidence and tortured him for weeks with the help of media.  But on 2nd October 2006, Police arrested a 29-year-old Hindu youth identified as Rajeev Sharma, an electronics diploma-holder hailing from Kazhakootam who  posted  six letter bombs to different people. Later, when the police realised that  the true culprit is not from Muslim community, they softened the stand by  partially glorifying Rajeev Sharma as a `meek character with a scientific temperament using an innovative method to intimidate his enemies. '

“They kept Mohsin in custody for 12 days. His father was also picked by the police. They were mentally harassed for a forced confession.Mohsin was portrayed as Al Qaeda terrorist and an agent of the ISI. The authorities or the police did not bother to offer an apology even after realising that Mohsin was innocent,”” Says Congress Leader, Mr. M.I.Shanavas.

It is not security agencies alone that stand to be blamed. Munir, a was arrested for his alleged involvement in letter bomb case. While his arrest hit national headlines, his subsequent release, having been cleared of all charges, failed to enthuse the media. 

In a similar event, Kerala Police arrested 5 muslim youths from Panayikulam (Ernakulam) alleging links with a banned Muslim Students Organization, SIMI. Vajpayee regime banned SIMI , a muslim radical organization who was on top of the enemies of  Hindutva groups. Religious profiling is what Muslim youth in India, especially those in the ghettos, live with every single day. Kerala Police is currently on a witch-hunt for all ex-activists of this radical Muslim students organisation, SIMI. Some one in the state regime seems to have acted with a pre-decided idea that SIMI was involved in all terror tales in this country. Such acts of prejudice destroy real evidence. Many legal experts believe that the police is trying to build a case revolving around SIMI without adequate proof.

Kerala's best known human rights activists like Mr. Civic Chandran, Adv. K.P. Mohammed Shareef, ( Chairman, CHRO), Mr. Vasu (Grow),  Prof. P. Koya (Editor, Thejas Daily) will attend the meeting.

Prof. M.H. Jawahirullah, President of Tamil Nadu Muslim Munnetta Kazhakam will inaugurate the meeting.