//Hindus should carry Guns, says Shri Ramanand Swamiji

Hindus should carry Guns, says Shri Ramanand Swamiji

Saffornization or to provoke Hatred?

S.O. News service , Bhatkal, 30 Nov 2006

"Our religion does not tell us to show another cheek if one cheek is slapped. This is a sign of unmanliness. Our Gods are not unmanly. They always have weapons in their hands like Ganesh, Parvati, Vishnu, Durgah” said Shri Shri Ramanand Swamiji in his speech on the occasion of 100th birth anniversary programme of RSS Guruji held on 26 Nov 2006 at Shri Guru Sudhendra College ground at Bhatkal. Giving his venomous speech to the Hindu youths against Muslims and Christians, the Swamiji said that there was a bad time on Hindus when they were suppressed but now it is the efforts of RSS, Hindu Jagaran Vedike, Bajarang dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other outfits of Sangh Parivars the Hindus are now able to lift their heads and walk. He called upon the women who were present in large numbers that now it is not the time to hold pen in their hands, but should hold Gun instead.

He narrated an incident of Puttur recently that 4 Muslim youth had kidnapped a schedule caste woman and raped her, the same incident can also happen in Bhatkal so be ready to safeguard yourself. He not only spat poison on Muslims but did not even spare the Christians. He also added that when Hindu patrons like e the CM of Gujrat Narendar Modi or Praveen Togadiya come here, ban is imposed on them by the district administration. But when a famous father had come to Bangalore he was very much welcomed.

Praising Hindu religion Swamiji said that if any religion is there in this world then it is hindu religion. Remaining all are groups, these all are not the religion. He further added that if any religion that will remain permanent in this world then it will be Hindu religion and all other religion will come to an end soon. India is a Hindu country and this country is the house of their gods. India is the country where Shri Raam was born, Shri Krishan was born and Dr. Chitranjan and the same were born. He called upon the people to follow the character of Dr. Chitranjan. Swamiji further said that in the whole world only India is a safe country for Hindus, so if India also goes out of their hand then they have to take a plunge in the Arabian Sea. So they have to safe guard this country for Hindus which is very imminent.

He stressed that the name of the cities that have Muslims names must be immediately changed to Hindu names such as that of Allahbad, Aurangabad, and Hyderabad. Informing about the Hindu society he clarified that there were no any caste and tribes in Hindu society. This difference is like AIDS. There are some duplicate Hindus born using the name of secularism and this duplicate Hindus are very dangerous for original Hindus.

More than 10,000 peoples had gathered in the function that constantly kept applauding him and expressing their joy. At the same time the educated Hindu left the place as the Swamiji started spitting venom on Muslims and Christians.

In Bhatkal, the preparation for this Hindu Samaj Utsav was taking place. A peace meeting was also conducted recently in circuit house which was called by Assistant commissioner Mr. N Rangappa. In that meeting Mr. Surendra Shanbhag, the convener of Bhatkal Taluka Hindu Samaj Utsav programme and President Seva Wahini declared that this programme will be pure religious programme which will be conducted for the 100th birth anniversary of RSS Guruji, they did not disclose anything in regard to Guruji or his characters. Mr. Surendra Shanbhag earlier said that all the Hindus without any discrimination of any caste or politics will participate in this function and assured that Muslims will not be angered in any way. But after this programme Muslims have complained that some Hindus forcefully came and incited angry and harsh slogans against Muslims in Nawayath colony’s Aminuddin Road. The Muslim leaders controlled the agitated youths. Some citizens also complained to SahilOnline that while the programme was held in Sudhendra college ground, the mike was set up in 3 places of Sagar Road and one mike in Shamsuddin circle. The entire programme was also telecasted through local cable and the message of hatred passed onto thousands of houses.

A confirmed source also informed to the Sahilonline that some officials of Majlise Islah wo Tanzeem, Bhatkal (A social organization) met with Mr. Surendra Shanbhag few days earlier and discussed about the peaceful atmosphere of Bhatkal in which he had assured that this programme will be pure Hinduism where the problems of Hindus will be discussed and to unite all the Hindus. The programme revealed to be all opposite of what was assured.

Programme began at 2:30 pm. A procession came from Tengengundi cross to Shamsuddin circle in which Uttara Kannada MP Ananth Kumar Hegde was present. Another procession came from Main road; Bazar to Shamsuddin Circle in which State Minister and MLA of Bhatkal Mr. Shivanand Naik and Dr. Rajesh Chitranjan were present and the third procession entered the Circle from Bunder Road. All the three procession met at Circle and entered Guru Sudhendra College towards Sagar Road. During this procession police hade stopped the vehicular movement on Circle and National Highway 17 for half an hour. CPI Jayakumar told Sahilonline that police have stopped all the vehicles on Sarpankatta check post and Shirali check post to avoid any untoward incidents.

School students sang welcome song, Mr. Surendra Shanbhag, convener Samaj Utsav welcomed the guest after that Shri Shri Ramanand Swamiji spoke. Rather than to bring unite all the communities he made it clear that he wants no unity at all whatsoever. Shri Raghweshwara Bharathi, Swamiji of Ramchandra Muth hailing from Hosanagar, Sagar talked on how to save the cow. He told the youths that only saving cow is not enough. Our religion does not allow any one to take lives of others so care should be taken always not to harm anyone. He suggested to the youths that an easy way to save cows is to buy the cows from the farmers who sell the cows in the market.

UK MP Mr. Ananth Kumar Hegde, State minister Mr. Shivanand Naik, Ex Bhatkal MLA Mr. J D Naik, Taluka Panchayat president Ms Lakshmi Gonda, Vice President Mr. Prameshwara Devadiga, Dr. Rajesh Chitranjan, Dr. Suresh Naik, Mr. Babu Master, Advocate S Bommai, Parshunath Gowda and others were present in the stage. Zilla Panchayat President Mr. Damudar Gardikar was called on mike. But he was not seen anywhere. Programme concluded by vote of thanks by Mr. Govinda Naik, leader of Hindu Jagaran Vedike.