//Inauspicious month may delay BJP's Cabinet reshuffle in MP

Inauspicious month may delay BJP's Cabinet reshuffle in MP

Ranjan, Hindustan Times

Bhopal, December 6, 2006

A fortune Teller

A fortune Teller

WOULD THE inauspicious month of ‘kharmas’ cause further delay in much-hyped State Cabinet reshuffle?  The words doing rounds in the BJP are that the reshuffle might be delayed up to mid-January when ‘kharmas or malmas’ month comes to an end with festival of Makar Sankaranti.

As per the tradition in Hindu religion, no new or good work is supposed to be done during the month. The month starts from December 15 to end at January 14.

The BJP leaders are convinced that there is no possibility of Cabinet reshuffle before Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s journey abroad which starts from December 9. The CM would leave the State on December 8. He is scheduled to return on December 14. Hence there is hardly any possibility of Cabinet reshuffle taking place the same day.

The leaders say that since the CM is a firm believer in Hindu rituals, he would not like to effect the reshuffle before January 14, particularly when he is to lead the party in the next Assembly elections.  

The BJP leaders say the reshuffle this time needs an elaborate exercise, for the CM himself has said that the reshuffle would take place for the remaining two years’ time.

The CM has to consult the important leaders of the party in the State and also the central leadership before carrying out the reshuffle. Hence, this entire exercise will take time and it does not seem possible for him to complete it before December 8.