//RSS seeks separate electorate for Muslims

RSS seeks separate electorate for Muslims

10 Dec, 2006 PTI, Times of India

RSS activists burn Quran

RSS activists burn Quran

GUWAHATI: RSS chief K Sudarshan on Sunday advocated a separate electorate for Muslims in view of the large-scale infiltration from Bangladesh, particularly in the country's northeastern region.

"There is an alarming rise in the Muslim population in this area and one way to tackle this would be to have a separate electorate for them and their representation in Parliament and state legislature should be proportionate to their population in 1947," he told a citizens' meet in Guwahati.

Voicing concern at the rise in the number of Bangladeshi Muslims in the country, he expressed the fear that Hindus would be a minority by 2060.

"To counter this, family planning programmes will have to be stopped to ensure that there is a rise in the Hindu population in the country," he said.

"When several countries, including China, are providing incentives to citizens for increasing population, why should there be strict family planning programmes in our country?" Sudarshan asked.

Another way to counter large-scale influx would be to educate people not to employ cheap labour provided by aliens in this region.

"We should not employ them (Bangladeshi infiltrators) only because they take less money," he said, lauding recent incidents in Sibsagar and Dibrugarh districts, where people had stopped employing them and forced more than 6,000 labourers to leave the area.


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