//Police clueless about Aurangzeb's stolen 'Gulistan'

Police clueless about Aurangzeb's stolen 'Gulistan'

India Enews.COM,Thursday, December 14, 2006

Police in Bihar's Gaya district are yet to make any headway, even as four days have passed since a rare manuscript written by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb was stolen.

The manuscript was stolen from a school library in Gaya, 120 km from here, Sunday night. Police suspect that an organised racket of international smugglers, dealing in antiques, executed the larceny.

Gaya Superintendent of Police Amit Kumar Jain blamed the school authorities for the theft. 'It was stolen due to the negligence of the school administration,' he said Thursday.

Police have so far interrogated the school principal Brijnandan Singh, his assistant Jainandan Sharma and two other staff on suspicion.

'We are investigating the incident from all angles. The dog squad has also pressed into service,' said a police official.

The manuscript 'Gulistan', which was written in Persian, was found missing from the Tekari Raj Inter School library. The matter came to light when the school opened on Dec 11 (Monday).

During the investigation, it was also highlighted that such a rare piece of manuscript, was kept casually in the school library. Earlier, Magadh Division Commissioner S.K. Negi had cautioned the school authorities about its safety during his visit to the school.

An expert valued the manuscript to be more than Rs.10 million in the international market.

'Gulistan', which incorporates colourful paintings and embroidery, also has a picture of Aurangzeb swathed in glass printed on the cover page.