//Woman Cop torture 18 month girl for peeing in public

Woman Cop torture 18 month girl for peeing in public

Calicut, December 18 2006

Jeeshma, 18 months allegedly slapped by policeHow good are women cops?  Do women cops less likely to torture women and kids ?  May be not.  Jeeshma, a toddler and her 32 year old mother, Mini, a resident of Thiruvambadi area in Calicut  were trampled up by two  police woman  allegedly for permitting the child to urinate at roadside near the indoor stadium on Saturday. Outstanding to blood loss, both of them were admitted at the Medical College, Calicut. State Home Minister, Kodiyeri Balakrishnan had ordered the probe.

In Kerala, woman cops are no guarantee against sexual abuse in police custody.  In April 2005, the Kerala Human Rights Commission found a 40 year old Tamil woman, T.Santhi, who was arrested for carrying narcotics was sexually abused by two policemen while women cops were on duty at the central prison, Thiruvananthapuram. 

The state police Chief, Mr. Raman Shrivastav reminded the cops to behave well with women and children. A primary inquiry ordered by the chief initiated suspension of two women cops of Kerala Police, Mrs.Vimala, a sub-inspector and Mrs. Subaida, a head constable. They were found primarily responsible of beating the 18-month-year-old child and her mother. The action was taken by City Police Commissioner, Mr. Balram Kumar Updhyaya following a probe conducted by Assistant Police Commissioner.

It is common for men in India to pee along the side of the road, and mostly women are prepared to avert their eyes often. Unfortunately women don’t have the same convenient option, so you’ll have to go looking for the nearest toilet. But lack of public toilets and facilities compel people to do it in public.

The average Indian has almost no access to a decent urinal or bathroom. But comparing to other states, many of them do have one at home, but very limited option in public places. From the very beginning, children are allowed by their parents to pee in public  places with the convenience of "unzip". This applies to all the other factors, like spitting, blowing noses in public, and throwing garbage in to public places.

A recent order from the kerala state government to keep hygiene in public places came without any awareness campaign while the lack of facilities forcing people to violate orders. 

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