//Mangalore: Will Mulki Rafiq be Encountered? – CM Alerted of Possible Fake Shoot-out

Mangalore: Will Mulki Rafiq be Encountered? – CM Alerted of Possible Fake Shoot-out

Daijiworld News Networ, Dec 16, 2006 – Mangalore (GA)

Mangalore, Dec 16: Will Mulki Rafiq who is said to be behind at least 4 murders including that of Polali Anantu and Sukhanand Shetty be encountered? ‘Yes’ says a fax message that has been sent to chief minister, home minister, DG's office and even to some of the frontline newspapers.  But the police sources, that is, SP Dayanand has clearly denied this news and said that police are on a massive search operation to nab Rafiq and that he is not yet arrested.

All this started with an anonymous fax message which was sent by one 'Vincent' from Mulki that Rafiq has been arrested by police in Kasargod some three days ago and that police are now preparing for fake encounter after eliciting necessary information from him.  However, the authenticity of this fax message is yet to be established.  There are all chances that it might have been a creation of some of Mulki Rafiq's relatives, supporters or even sympathizers.

Mulki Rafiq whose name is infamously linked with triple murder case of Bolar, KC Road double murder, Polali Anantu murder and now with the recent Sukhanand Shetty murder cannot be termed as a fanatic.  He is ready for any heinous crime if he is paid, say sources.  This is quite clear by the fact that he had killed two meet sellers at KC Road sometime ago.

However, eversince his name got linked with Polali Anantu murder, he went absconding.  Though there were rumours that he might have already escaped abroad, no one could confirm it.  However, with the murder of Sukhanand Shetty, Rafiq's name once again came into prominence.  Now that the police have nabbed five prime accused in the murder (three of them were directly involved in the murder), it cannot be denied that police have arrested Rafiq.  But the police are still denying it.
This very fact has now prompted someone to send the fax message about this fake encounter, say police sources.  Here the point is that either Mulki Rafiq has lost connection with his near and dear ones or else there he has really been nabbed.  Since no one knows about his whereabouts, there are chances that his sympathizers might have spread this news to get information.

Police have already enquired with Mulki resident Vincent about the fax and he has clearly denied that he had sent any fax.  But the fact is that the fax was sent from Mulki itself.  Police have begun investigation in this regard too.