//Hindu extremists spreading anarchy in Nepal: Prachanda

Hindu extremists spreading anarchy in Nepal: Prachanda

Kathmandu, Jan. 24 (PTI): Maoist leader Prachanda today accused the pro-monarchy elements of hatching a conspiracy with the help of "Hindu extremists" from India to spread anarchy in the country to derail the peace process in Nepal.

"The Hindu extremists and the pro-palace elements are actively involved in terrorising the people in an attempt to derail the peace process," Prachanda told reporters at a reception hosted by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala in honour of the newly-inducted members of the interim parliament at his residence.

Prachanda also said that though he and his number two, Baburam Bhattarai, had been "personally invited" by the prime minister to join a new cabinet, "We have not come to a decision yet."

The "Hindu extremists" and the pro-palace elements have infiltrated the recent violent demonstrations in southern plains of the Terai region, where at least five people were killed over a week, Prachanda said.

A group of pro-palace elements who went to Banaras in India recently to take part in a conference of the World Hindu Federation had tried to mobilise "Hindu extremists" in favour of the Nepalese monarch, he alleged.

Prachanda said though the issues raised by the people of the Terai region including declaring Nepal a federal state are genuine, the pro-palace elements have provoked them resulting in violence and anarchy.