//Indian Fake doctor to be deported from UAE

Indian Fake doctor to be deported from UAE

By Bassam Za'za', Gulf News, 25 Jan 2007

Dubai: A doctor is to be deported after a court found him guilty of using false documents when he applied for a permit to practise medicine in the UAE.

The Dubai Court of Appeal upheld the Indian doctor's three-month suspended jail term for illegally practising medicine. The court said he would be deported, however the ruling is still subject to appeal at the Court of Cassation.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendant, K.S., with submitting fake experience certificates, issued from India, to the health authorities when he applied for a permit to practise medicine in the country, illegally practising medicine and endangering people's lives.

K.S's lawyer said: "K.S. obtained his degree in medicine in 1995 from a reputable college in India. He submitted his degree to the authorities. He also practised medicine for over a two-year period."

Police heard from an Indian medical supervisor doctor that K.S. committed a number of medical malpractices in the centre where he was working in Al Quoz.

The claimant said K.S. once worked as a salesman in a pharmaceutical company and had not practised medicine in the past four years. The authorities assigned a medical committee which questioned the claimant and the defendant.

It was discovered K.S. was not in India during the dates which were mentioned in the experience certificates which he handed to the UAE health authorities.

Dubai Police's Forensic Department reported that the defendant's certificates were fake (colour photocopies).