//73 Year Indian pensioner found guilty for sexually assaulting 17 year girl in UK

73 Year Indian pensioner found guilty for sexually assaulting 17 year girl in UK

No show by Indian pensioner allowed to fly home after promising judge he would return
By Rob Gibson, MKNEWS

A pensioner found guilty of sexually assaulting a Milton Keynes schoolgirl has escaped punishment after failing to return from India to face trial.

Baburao Taware, 73, missed Monday's trial at Aylesbury Crown Court because he claimed back pains had prevented him flying back to the UK.

In September, MK NEWS reported how Judge Christopher Tyrer's decided to allow Taware unconditional bail so that he could travel home to India with his wife.

At the time the judge described his decision as 'exceptional' but Taware told him 'I will return'.

But the trial went ahead in Taware's absence and a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting the 17-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Sentencing, Judge Terry Maher said he had no option but to grant Taware a conditional discharge because he doubted he would ever return to the UK.

He said: "We haven't the slightest reason to think he will come back at all because his entire life is in India. None of the options for sentencing seem to fit." He added that if Taware returns to the UK within a year, he could be re-sentenced.

Taware came to the UK for the first time to visit his daughter at her home in Central Milton Keynes and committed the offence just one day before he was due to return home.

The assault took place on June 8, 2006, outside the Xscape building in Central Milton Keynes, when he approached the victim and asked her what was inside the Xscape.

The jury heard that Taware, a former teacher, began quizzing the girl about her education, particularly drugs and sex.

He used broken English and hand signals to talk to her about male and female genitalia and sex acts.

The girl told the court she became very concerned about where the conversation was leading before Taware ushered her towards a nearby bus shelter.

She sent a text message to her sister saying that a strange man was talking to her, to which her sister replied that she should escape into the nearby toilets.

But as Taware continued to talk to her he pushed his hand under her arm and grabbed her breast.

She called the police from the Food Hall at Avebury Boulevard and was able to identify Taware from the safety of a police car.

He was arrested and questioned before appearing at court in September.