//300 Hindu chanters would 'reorganize the chaos' in Israel

300 Hindu chanters would 'reorganize the chaos' in Israel

By SHELLY PAZ, Jerusalem Post, Feb. 1, 2007

Three hundred Hindu scholars from India are waiting for visas to come to Israel to "reorganize the Israeli chaos" by chanting and practicing transcendental meditation.

Yoga and chanting are the new technologies for defeating terror, solving national problems and promoting prosperity, peace and invincibility, according to Dr. Alex Kutai of the Institute for the Science of Creative Intelligence, the Hosen Center in Israel. Hosen means strength in Hebrew.

The center wants to bring the 300 Vedic Pandits, who live according to Vedas – the main scriptural texts of Hinduism, also known as the Sanatana Dharma – to chant choruses and practice meditation in order to improve the "collective consciousness."

Kutai, 61, is a 31-year-practitioner of the Veda, a doctor of the Maharishi Research European University in Britain and an expert in the science and technology of natural law.

He said he planned to achieve "national invincibility" for Israel within a few weeks, if given the opportunity, by bringing the 300 Vedic Indians who specialize in a unique way of chanting that "has the power to rearrange the local mayhem."

"The chanting has to be performed with a certain mass of people who are the root square of one percent of the number of the country's population," he said. "In Israel this number is 300," said Kutai, asserting that the resultant positivism and harmony would "help prevent future dangers and intensify the good fortune of the nation."

Kutai said he turned to the Prime Minister's Office and the Interior Ministry to get the necessary approvals for the visitors, "but they are troubled with too many things and corruption scandals so they didn't understand what we wanted."