//India-born US filmmaker amazed by Hindu-Muslim harmony in Sindh province

India-born US filmmaker amazed by Hindu-Muslim harmony in Sindh province

Hyderabad (Pakistan), Feb 3 (ANI): An Indian-born US filmmaker Sarah Singh was amazed by the communal harmony between the Hindu and Muslim communities at the Sindh province in Pakistan.

She said that the two communities here were indistinguishable. "It's only in Sindh that Hindus and Muslims are blended so well that they have become indistinguishable," the Dawn quoted her saying.

Sarah is currently visiting Sindh to work on a documentary on contemporary culture of India and Pakistan.

After visiting the Sindh Museum yesterday, she said that she thought the man who was took her around a (Hindu) shrine in Odero Lal was Muslim.

The shrine is a unique example of religious harmony in Sindh as it is equally held in high esteem by local Hindus and Muslims. Hindus believe that the shrine houses the tomb of Hindu saint Odero Lal whereas Muslims insist the he had later embraced Islam and was named Shaikh Tahir Bhirkiyo. The shrine is looked after by two caretakers, one Hindu and other Muslim, said the paper.

Sarah said that Harappa and Moenjodaro were the 'heart of Indus Civilisation' and called for efforts to preserve and document the sites. She advocated for relaxation in visa restrictions between Pakistan and India and said that "the visa policy should be more open" to facilitate people to visit the two countries.

Sarah, who is also a freelance journalist, said: "I feel religion is not a divisive issue among people here. It's poignant that people from either side had to leave in 1947 although they were blended so well." (ANI)