//Controversial pamphlets may ignite full-fledged communal strife in MP

Controversial pamphlets may ignite full-fledged communal strife in MP

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal, February 6 (IndianMuslims.info): Communal temperature in Madhya Pradesh is slowly and steadily rising and may shoot up abruptly leading to full-fledged Hindu-Muslim strife in the backdrop of the controversial pamphlets being distributed freely across the state. Recent communal tensions at a number of places in the state leading to clamping of curfew in certain towns is a clear pointer in this direction.

The controversial pamphlets exhorting Hindus to make Hindu sammelans (conventions), marking RSS ideologue Guru Golwalkar’s centenary celebrations, a success and watch out ‘intruders in their locality’ like mechanics, drivers, scrap dealers, beggars etc. belonging to a particular community, are being distributed openly.

One of the pamphlets vehemently criticizes conversion saying, “if a Hindu man is converted it means increase of one enemy. If a Hindu woman is converted it means increase of several enemies to the country.”

Giving graphic details of “Ghatta Hindu mitta Bharat”, the two-page pamphlet printed in the name of Shree Guruji Janamshatabdi Samaroh without printer’s name, also quotes Swami Vivekanand to buttress a specific view. The pamphlet quotes Vivekanand “when a Hindu is converted not only Hindu community loses its one member but also it has one more enemy to it”.

Starting with the slogan below undivided India’s map- ‘Hindu jaagega desh jaagega’- the pamphlet says at the time of Independence there were 10 Hindus against one Muslim but now the number of Hindus had been reduced to four. In nine States in the country Hindus are reduced to minority. In states like Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland wearing saffron colour robe and aarati were prohibited. Several Hindu girls were lured by members of two particular communities. Every month thousands of cows were slaughtered.

The pamphlet underlines conversion, intrusion from Bangladesh, growing terrorism menace, certain leaders’ attempt to get stalled execution of capital punishment to Mohd Afzal, cultural attack through TV etc.

But the pamphlet also offers solutions. "Hindu Jagao" (awaken Hindus); "Hindu bachao" (save Hindus); Hindu barhao (increase Hindus breaking "hum do hamare do" tradition of family planning), and pursuing converted to re-embrace Hinduism; and Hindu sambhalo (watch out if mechanic, driver, scrap-wallah, Faqueer, chudiwala etc. are trying to intrude your home).

Another pamphlet in the name of Shree Guruji Janamshatabdi Samaroh Samiti, Betul talks of Hindus being reduced to minority in 2061. The pamphlet by Narmadapur Vibhag Samiti underlines 3.5 lakh Kashmiri pandits’ deserting Jammu & Kashmir, intrusion of 3 crore Bangladeshis, Hindus population reduced to nil in 8,000 villages of West Bengal, marriage of 2.5 lakh Hindu girls with members of a particular community etc.

Meanwhile, a group of eminent citizens in Bhopal have lodged complaint against persons having brought out ‘communal’ pamphlets on the pretext of Hindu Sammelans.

Advocate Syed Sajid Ali, L S Hardenia, Fr. Anand Mutungal and Shailendra Shelly on Sunday visited T T Nagar police station and lodged a complaint against unknown persons, who have brought out the pamphlets in question. They stated that the text of pamphlets is such that it could lead to communal tension in the State and some communal incidents have already taken place in the State.

They further said that there was ample reason to believe that the pamphlets have been printed on behalf of the RSS. Furthermore, it was also objectionable that there was no print line in the pamphlets signifying the persons or outfits bringing out the pamphlets or the press, where they have been printed.