//Police seize 5 Steel bombs from RSS stronghold area in Marad

Police seize 5 Steel bombs from RSS stronghold area in Marad

Kozhikode, Feb. 6, 2007

Police digged 5 highly explosive bombs from Marad areaIn the wake of seizure of five steel bombs from the beach area, kerala police were conducting extensive raids at Marad area, which was rocked by two communally incited killings in 2002 and 2003. The bombs, packed in a steel cover, were first spotted by children who were digging a pit while playing in a vacant compound area last evening, police said. Police soon recovered the bombs and shifted the explosives to the Marad police station, which was set up in the area coming under Beypore panchayat limits following the 2003 violence.
The property is in posession of Chembayil Sudhakaran. The area is in controle of hindutva extremist groups headed by RSS. The revenge killings of 8 Hindus by a Muslim family in May 2003 caused large scale muslim evacuation from the area.  So far, nearly 500 Muslim families either left their homes for refugee camps or compelled to dispose their properties in Marad.

The fresh seizure  of highly explosive bombs from RSS strong hold someway endorses muslim complaint about earlier police raids. They alleged the police were acted upon the command of hindtva groups as they believe many RSS strongholds were left unchecked. But Poice claimed round-the-clock vigil is being maintained in the area after the revenge killings and raids had been conducted from time to time to instil confidence among the people and to ensure peace in the area.

The hindutva factor in police forces prevented usual legal action against the accused of  2002 Marad killings, because the largest accused segment was belongs to organizations like RSS and BJP. Even the key accused peoples belongs to Sangh Parivar in 2002 marad killings recieved bail due to the bondage of hindutva forces and investigating team while 137 accused Muslim prisoners were denied bail for the past 3 years!

The charge sheets against the accused involved in Marad 2002 violence were filed only after the revenge killings of 2003. A total of 392 persons figured as accused in 102 cases registered in 2002, of whom many in more than one case. Among these accused, the party-wise affiliation are: 213 belonging to RSS/BJP; 78 CPI(M); 68 IUML; 06 of Indian National League (INL) ; and one of Congress.

The raids by six police teams, led by Assistant Commissioner Jayachandran began at 8.45 am to ascertain if more explosives were hidden in the area, the sources said, adding search operations would be held throughout the day. City Police Commissioner, Mr. Balram Kumar Upadhyaya visited the location. No arrest has made so far.