//850 Policemen facing 'criminal' charges in Kerala

850 Policemen facing 'criminal' charges in Kerala

850 criminally accused cops are included in the pay roll of Kerala Police,  according to an official report received from the Directorate General of Police, Kerala. The data has been sourced from district police headquarters and various Police departments on the basis of a request filed under the Right to Information Act.  
15 policemen are accused in murder cases while 67 facing rape and molestation charges. The capital district, Trivandrum, tops on the number of cops with crime accusations. Cops with serious crime history find solace in intelligence or special branches. This branch has been developed for the collection of data on state security, but  activists consider it as a wing misused by regime to trace the activities of political opponents.

Several of these indicted cops have been implicated in serious offences like slaughter, rape, counterfeit, cheating and other cases. Interestingly, most of them are  still in service and only some have been dismissed.

14 with serious accusations are working for Intelligence wing, which is deputed with key tasks like finding threats against national security.  The prestigious Special Branch CID is a home to 15 of them while two are in security wing. They are graded as either constables or head constables.  
A cop who is working for the VVIP security wing is named in a rape case.  Others are indicted in cases like housebreaking, theft, attacks using sharp weapons, cheating, impersonation and land acquisition.  
47 Crime Branch policemen are accused in various cases.  They include 1 DySP, 4 Circle Inspectors and 6 Sub Inspectors. Among them, there are 7 facing cases on murder charges and one of them on rape.   A DySP of this branch is also named in a criminal case of threatening. Interestingly, no official of Crime Branch department has so far been dismissed from the service under charges of criminal offence!  
3 Circle Inspectors and 2 constables with crime accusations are working under the jurisdiction of North Zone IG office. One person in the Thrissur KAP battalion charged in two housebreaking cases.  
Information available from various district headquarters shows that Thiruvananthapuram tops the list with 110 policemen in the list of criminally accused. One DySP and 10 Sub Inspectors are criminally accused from this district. The cases range from liquor-related to prostitution.  Kollam has 73 policemen who are involved in various criminal cases.  
In Kottayam district, there are 54 policemen who are in the criminals’ list, including DySP Shaji, an accused in the Praveen murder case. A Circle Inspector and four Sub Inspectors are also involved in criminal cases from this district. One traffic constable is an accused in a theft case and a molestation case.  
There is a DySP involved in a housebreaking case and another in rape case  
in Kannur district. One Circle Inspector and three Sub Inspectors of the district are also accused in rape case and forgery. Two woman constables are also in the criminals' list and the district has 21 serving criminally accused policemen.  
Pathanamthitta district has 17 policemen involved in criminal cases including one DySP, two Circle Inspectors and two Sub Inspectors in addition to the constables. They are criminally accused in cases like suicide, riots, housebreaking and molestation. Idukki has 39 policemen in the list of accused in cases ranging from homosexual acts to rape and molestation and cheating. Of these, nine policemen were removed from service.  
Kozhikode district has 15 policemen involved in criminal cases, which Include cheating in visa related cases. Nine policemen have been removed from service from this district.  
Palakkad has 51 policemen, who are in the list of criminals in cases like rape and in Kasargod there are 17 policemen who have committed serious crimes, while in Alappuzha there are 50 policemen who are facing cases for handling explosives. Wynad has 36 policemen involved in various cases while Kochi has 30 policemen involved in criminal cases.