//VHP to create 5-cr Hindu votebank to seize power

VHP to create 5-cr Hindu votebank to seize power

BK Singh, Hindustan Times ,
Allahabad, February 13, 2007

a VHP terrorist

a VHP terrorist

The three-day World Hindu Conference had a political ending. A clarion call to build at least five-crore Hindu vote bank to seize political power was made on the concluding day of the meet on Tuesday.

Calling upon the Hindus to carry out cent percent voting in favour of the party, which suits their agenda, VHP general secretary Praveen Togadia made the crowd repeat his words of ensuring that they would see that they come out in large numbers to vote in favour of the party, which does not favour the minority community.

He said though the Muslims were in minority yet they were having more weight because of lack of enthusiasm among the Hindus to exercise their right of franchise. According to Togadia, passing resolutions alone will not serve the purpose. What matters is power through which we can realise our goals and that power will only come through votes.

The VHP, he said, would soon launch a drive in the villages and cities to make Hindus aware of the utility of their votes. With the holy Gangajal in their hands they will be asked to take a pledge to exercise their franchise in favour of the right candidate.

Addressing a press meet, he said: “We will not allow Atiqs and Mukhtars to enter Parliament come what may and to realise this aim, we will not hesitate to support candidate of a different party, which nominates candidate against Atiq and Mukhtar.”

He said the Hindus would be asked to judge the candidate they were going to vote for. The third strategy will be to refrain them from voting in favour of a candidate, who is backed by Muslims.

“In case the Muslims support the Samajwadi Party, our whole endeavour would be to see how the SP candidate loses the elections,” he said.

‘Jinko musalmano ka vote unko Hinduon ka ek bhi vote nahin’, will be the slogan during elections, he said adding the drive will continue for the next two years through out the country.

The VHP cadre will go to every home in the country and besides urging people to vote in the interest of Hindus they will persuade them to have the symbol of ‘om’, tulsi tree, and saffron flag in their dwellings. These would help in invoking the feeling of Hindutwa in them.

Before the crowd left the venue, the VHP leader also made them take another pledge to see that once a week a maha-arti is organised by them in the temple closest to their home.

Claiming the drive as an action plan for the re-establishment of Hindu rashtra, he said this new mantra formulated by his outfit was to bring a political tilt in the country. Giving example of political turn of events in Gujarat, he said, ‘Hamne Gujarat khda kiya ab aage dekhiye kya karte hain’.

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