//5 Year jail term for Indian Sex attacker in Dubai

5 Year jail term for Indian Sex attacker in Dubai

Thursday, 15th February, 2007, 7days.AE

An Indian expat who tried to rape two women at knifepoint in Dubai was caught red-handed by police as he attacked one of  his victims. On October 14 last year, the 24-year-old attempted to force his way into the flat of a Tunisian woman in the Hor Al-Anz area of the city. She managed to fight him off and force him out of her apartment, the Court of First Instance heard.

Undeterred by his failed attempt he then tried to force himself into another nearby flat. His Indian victim was alone in the house when the man knocked on the door. When she answered he barged his way into her home and threatened her with a knife. The woman, identified as AA, screamed for help and grabbed her own knife from the kitchen to fend off her attacker.
The court was told that the man, who had been drinking alcohol and was drunk, managed to wrestle the knife away from his victim and force her to the floor. He then stripped her of her clothes and removed his own before attempting to rape her. Police, who had been alerted to the scene by the victim of his first attempted attack, heard the disturbance and managed to force their way into the flat.
They found the man in just his underpants threatening and attacking the woman, the court heard. The man, identified as SM, admitted carrying out the attacks. His lawyer claimed his client was mentally ill. He was sentenced to five years in jail and ordered to be deported following the completion of his prison term in Dubai. He was also fined dhs1,000 for drinking alcohol.