//Dawood's aide exposes immigration laxity

Dawood's aide exposes immigration laxity

Bhupen Patel, Ruhi Khan, NDTV , Saturday, February 17, 2007 (Mumbai):

Abdul Qayuum, one of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's aides has now revealed to the police how he would keep coming back to India from Dubai.

Qatyuum, who supplied the arms used in the Mumbai serial blasts, was arrested on Tuesday.

His confessions tells a shocking story of neglect by immigration authorities who never caught him despite the fact that he even came for a holiday to Goa.

Qayyum fled India in 1993 soon after the serial blasts. But according to sources in the Mumbai crime branch, this is not the first time he came to India after he fled.

Qayyum told investigators that this is his fourth visit to India. He vacationed in Goa thrice in the past, using a fake passport and a Hindu name.

This raises the question of how one of India's most wanted managed to get through immigration.

Qayyum has very few cases against his name but his importance is underlined by his closeness to Dawood Ibrahim. He is said to have been present when the AK-47 was handed over to Sanjay Dutt.

Dawood's new operations

His testimony could help strengthen the case against those like Dawood Ibrahim and Abu Salem who have yet to be tried in the 1993 blasts case.

Sources say Qayyum is giving them critical information on Dawood's new operations.

    * Dawood, according to Qayyum, is now expanding his legitimate businesses and is investing in real estate, shipping, stock markets, and the diamond trade.
    * He is expanding his reach to Malaysia and Singapore.
    * Currently he has business interests in India, Pakistan, Dubai, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and the European Union

There are no easy ways for investigating agencies to verify these claims and other such claims made time and again by the mafia.

What the investigating agencies are hoping for is that this information leads to other solid leads which help their case against Dawood.