//How painful it would be for Gandhi!

How painful it would be for Gandhi!

Mohandass Karamchand Gandhi, the father of such a great nation as India,was found one night to be extremely disturbed. He was sweating heavily and was in a state of acute anxiousness, on the verge of despair. His friend who saw him in such a state wanted to call a doctor. Gandhiji said no,I dont need a doctor. Then what is the problem, asked his friend. Gandhiji answered …. I did not pray before I slept……

If not praying for once could disturb the Mahatma so much how much pain he would have felt if he could see the new culture emerging in our youth of today, the culture of questionning God's veracity. Is it intellectual audacity or simply an era of Negativity? Gandhian words are simply forgotten, Ghandian deeds are simply mocked at by so many even if his birthday, and the anniversary of his death are celebrated all around.

One day during his youth, in England where he went for studies, Gandhiji was sitting with a friend of his when they encountered a prostitute trying to attract them.The friend gave in to her attempts and Gandhi was about to follow as well when his friend stopped him… Mohandass, stop, dont you remember the promise to your mother ,that you will adhere to celibacy while here for studies…

Later Gandhiji wrote … This was indeed a friend who stopped me from sin. I wish all friends could be like him.

Little did he know that years after the word friendship would lose its essence, it would be decreased and dwindled to treachery, jealousy and loathing hypocrisy. How much pain Gandhiji would have felt to see how the youth of today do their best to bring down their friends too when they are stooping as low as possible. Peer pressure has compelled many a good soul to follow sinful paths. Parents can testify how hard they strive to protect their wards from the clutches of so called friends. And the adage goes… Man's misfortunes start the day he meets a bad friend. Then no Gandhian words, no Gandhian deeds are remembered.

During the years he practised as a lawyer, he met with a case which was a really severe trial. It was a case of complicated accounts. His client would have surely won as everything was going in his favour despite an error which the truthful young Ganghi noticed. He asked his client to admit his error.All senior counsels were flabbergasted. How can a lawyer imperil his clients case and lose? Gandhiji said… Let us lose then,God defend the right

The client admitted the error.

How much pain Gandhiji would have felt today to read about all those gimmicks to which court cases are being reduced all around. Do our law makers read Gandhian words? Do they adhere to Gandhian deeds?

And finally Mhatma Gandhi would have been really pained today to see the element of Consumerism overpowering the world. His principle of Simple living and High Thinking and his pet word “Frugality” are today mere sentence and word.

He who held India on his shoulders, he who taught Indians to walk instead of crawling, he whose possession… the dhoti… brought him the nickname of “half naked fakir” would have shed tears to find our consumer societies ,consuming families and all consumed generations.

Gandhi came when he had to come, this world of today would have pained him,as he would have been searching for Gandhian words and Gandhian deeds.

Anitah AUJAYEB , Iexpress.MU