//AMU seminar underlines need for re-launching Aligarh Movement

AMU seminar underlines need for re-launching Aligarh Movement

Aligarh, Feb 21 (Indianmuslims.info ) Aligarh Muslim University Students Union hosted a seminar on Aligarh Movement and Its Relevance here Tuesday.

Speaker after speaker participating in the seminar expressed their sense of concern about the present educational and socio-economic condition of Muslims and underscored the need for re-launching with utmost zeal and enthusiasm the Aligarh Movement, first launched by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan 135 years ago.

The speakers shared the view that after the Justice Sachar Committee Report it has become a necessity to revive the Aligarh Movement, and this they could do by turning to the ancient tradition and culture and jointly striving for community uplift while rising above regional and sectarian lines.

Speaking as Chief Guest, UP State Minister for Agriculture Development Khwaja Haleem said, “Aligarh Movement is still relevant today and it is so only because the Muslim society is poor and backward even today.”

Former president of AMU Students Union Javed Habib remarked, “When Sir Syed launched the Aligarh Movement, the biggest challenge facing Muslims was modern education. But after Independence, communal organisations and Hindutva have posed the most serious threat to the community.”

Member AMU Court Ehtesham Khan said, “On one hand the representation of Muslims is decreasing in every sphere of life and on the other we are turning indifferent toward our tradition. In this scenario we will have to bury all our differences and make tireless strivings together in the field of education.”

Another member of the Court Professor Sultan Muhammad Khan advised the concerned Muslims to sincerely consider what they could do for the progress and advancement of the community. He stressed that if we come forward to help each other as much as we can, it would fulfil the objective of Sir Syed to a great extent.

Professor Dr Bashir Ahmad of Department of Islamic Studies Jamia Hamdard laid emphasis on reservation for Muslims in educational institutions for the betterment of Muslims.

“15 per cent Muslim minority cannot compete with 85 per cent majority. Today Muslims are in the same condition as they had been during 1857. So there is urgent need for re-launching the Aligarh Movement,” he stressed.