//14 suicides a Day in Modi's Model Hindu Rashtra

14 suicides a Day in Modi's Model Hindu Rashtra

Over 5,200 suicides in one year.


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Death, Death, Death!

GANDHINAGAR: Here's a shocking piece of statistic an average 14 people killed themselves in Gujarat everyday last year!

An alarming 5,288 people committed suicide between January 1, 2006, and January 31, 2007, in Gujarat, according to figures released by the state government in the budget session of the Assembly on Friday.

What's more, there were 20 incidents where victims committed suicide after killing other members of their families. Men, it turns out, were more desperate to take the extreme step as compared to women.

Of the 5,288 people who committed suicide, only 526 were women, with maximum 50 women killing themselves in Ahmedabad. Nineteen women committed suicide in Rajkot city, 15 in Surat and 12 in Vadodara.

Congress MLA from Dehgam Jagdish Thakore raised the question in the state Assembly as to how many cases of individual and 'family suicides' were registered in the state in the past one year.

Thakore alleged that moneylenders who unabashedly got gullible people in their clutches by charging a exorbitantly high rates of interest were mainly responsible for pushing people to suicide.

Meanwhile, experts said that the high number of people committing suicide despite the state's booming economy and steady stock market could be attributed to greater aspirations and expectations of people.

"Due to rapid urbanisation and easy access to loans, a lot of people are falling prey to debts. Moreover, in personal relationships too, tolerance levels have reduced," said psychiatrist Hansal Bhachech.