//Muslim women in UP seek better education

Muslim women in UP seek better education

February 25, 2007, India Edu News

Varanasi: Poor education facilities for children have forced Muslim women in Varanasi to take to streets against the Uttar Pradesh Government. Protestors have demanded their right to basic amenities of education and living. They have also questioned political parties for making false promises to entice Muslim voters during general elections.

In a report submitted to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh in November last year by the Sachar Committee, it has been stated that Muslims face more poverty and illiteracy than any other community in the country. The literacy rate in the Muslim community is about 59 percent, compared to Indians with a literacy rate of more than 65 percent. The Committee has launched a national campaign which aims at bridging the economic status of the country's majority Hindus and its minority Muslim population.

In government services, Muslim representation in states with high literacy rates like Kerala and Tamil Nadu is quite low. The employment levels in Universities and schools for Muslims is even less than those of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

The report also says that a Muslim child attends school for three years and four months, compared to the national average of four years. Less than two percent of the students at the elite Indian Institutes of Technology comprise of the Muslim community.