//Astrologers suggest another date for celebrity wedding

Astrologers suggest another date for celebrity wedding

March 19 not a good date for  wedding


JODHPUR: Aishwarya-Abhishek marriage on March 19? Nah… say pandits and astrologers adding that March 20 would be a good option.

"It is 'amawasya' on March 19 and no Hindu would like to perform any important work on this day. Moreover, there is also a solar eclipse, so a marriage on that day is next to impossible," says pandit Satish Purohit.

Any pandit who knows the slightest bit of astrology would never advise such things to Bachchans, Purohit says. Purohit says March 20 would be a better option as it is the day of Revathi nakshatra and the Hindu new year, and Chaitra Navratris also begin on the night of March. "Marriage on March 19 is impossible according to the Hindu calendar," agrees pandit Ghanshyam Trivedi.

Purohit says the marriage will not be successful because the bond is under the influence of Saturn.Trivedi and Purohit also feel that the marriage should be performed at a religious place instead of a palace or fort.

Talking about rumours of the proposed marriage on March 19 in Jodhpur's Umaid palace, Purohit says, "Palaces and forts do not have good vibes and histories, so marriages should be avoided there."

Sources in Umaid palace say no bookings have been made so far by the Bachchans for the marriage so far. "We also heard the rumours through newspapers," says a source.

Meanwhile, residents of Jodhpur are delighted at the rumour. "We would stand for hours to catch a glimpse of them," says Himika Pant, a college student. Political pundits, on the other hand, feel Amar Sigh would like the marriage to take place in Uttar Pradesh.