//Nautch girls hired at Jaipur collectorate for Holi festival

Nautch girls hired at Jaipur collectorate for Holi festival


JAIPUR: A pre-Holi bash at the Jaipur district collectorate has left the Rajasthan administration red-faced. Government employees had called nautch girls to perform numbers for 'Holi Milan' function at the collector's office premises on Friday. The show was attended by collector Rajeshwar Singh and senior officials, sources said.

Professional nautch girls hired by the staff union gyrated to Bollywood rhythms, which some dubbed as "indecent" in nature. Some of the employees who were drunk danced with the performers and showered money on them in front of the collector.

Although, Rajeshwar and other senior officers were only told that staff members would perform, nautch girls suddenly came and started singing and dancing, to the great embarrassment of the collector. The collector left in a huff after one of the dancers went near him and started gesticulating.

 Poster's Note : 

The Nautch girls were traditional dancers in Hindu temples. Nautch, a word used in several languages of North India, is an Indian term for "dance", and indicates several forms of popular dancing styles by young girls, generally called the Nautch girls. The culture of the performing art of Nautch continued during the period of Mughal Empire, and the British Rule.