//Bad conditions for women prisoners: Survey

Bad conditions for women prisoners: Survey

NDTV Correspondent 
Monday, March 5, 2007 (Bhubaneswar): 
Tribal women in Orissa have been imprisoned and not produced before any court. The reason, police say, is that there are no escorts to take them to court. 
That is the sorry state of affairs of a large number of tribal women imprisoned in jails in Berhampur, Malkangiri and Sambalpur in Orissa. 
These women, most of them alleged Maoists, have been languishing in the jails for years. 
A fact-finding survey by the Committee Against Violence on Women found that the women were not even provided the very basic needs of the women prisoners. 
Infact, even the privacy of going to a bathroom has been denied to them. Over 20 women are herded in a single room meant for four and locked.