//Frame fund-backed programme for Muslims' welfare: CPI-M

Frame fund-backed programme for Muslims' welfare: CPI-M

New Delhi, March 5 (IANS) The Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Monday asked the government to frame a concrete programme supported with adequate financial aid for the economic, social and educational development of the Muslim community.

"In the light of the Rajinder Sachar Committee report, the central government must frame a concrete programme backed with adequate financial allocations to address the discrimination faced by minority communities, in particular the Muslim minority community in the economic, social and educational sphere," the party said in a document titled 'Charter for advancement of Muslim community'.

"It is essential to immediately identify Muslim areas and conduct concrete surveys, so that the assistance can be concretised. This exercise must be done in a time-bound framework," said the CPI-M, which along with three other Left parties supports Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government from outside.

It asked the government to formulate a sub-plan for the Muslim community -which comprises 13.4 percent of India's population – and a specific budgetary allocation for all development schemes proportionate to their population in all states.

The Sachar committee, appointed by the prime minister, has called for radical steps to bring Muslims into the mainstream and to ameliorate their social and economic condition by addressing the inequities faced by the community.

The charter also called for reservation for "Dalit Muslims" in educational institutions.

In order to provide more jobs to Muslims, the CPI-M said they should get adequate representation in recruitments for state and central security forces.

"Schools including residential schools imparting modern education for both girls and boys must be built in all districts and blocks with a sizable Muslim population," the party demanded.

"Efforts should be made to introduce and encourage scientific and job-oriented education in madrasas," it said.

To guarantee security and safety of the community, which is often targeted in communal clashes, the CPI-M said: "Justice to communal violence victims must be ensured.

It also called for "adequate compensation to all victims including victims of the Gujarat genocide (of 2002) in line with that of the 1984 (Sikh riots) victims".

"All perpetrators of communal violence must be immediately brought to book within a time-bound framework, regardless of their public or official position," the CPI-M said.