//Declare me as GOD

Declare me as GOD

Urvi Jappi, Hindustan Times , Mumbai, March 8, 2007       
Sometimes even ‘God’ has to knock on court doors, seeking the reins of the world.

A 30-year-old call centre employee, approached the Bombay High Court claiming to be Lord Vishnu’s reincarnation.

“I am the supreme lord and the god of all religions. I am Jesus Christ, Lord Ram, Lord Krishna and even Gautam Buddha. Earlier, I was born as Alexander the great,” Dharmendra Mishra told the court.

This supreme god had one prayer to make to the high court — ask President APJ Abdul Kalam to officially declare him as god and hand him the affairs of the nation.

“Give me the power to rule the country, the world and the United Nations,” he told the division bench of acting Chief Justice J.N. Patel and Justice S.C. Dharmadhikari.

“My wife Sarita is the reincarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and my son is Rajiv Gandhi reborn,” he said. He added that his father, a retired employee of Fiat, is the god of gods Lord Shiva. “My father has also been born on this earth as the Mughal emperor and as President of America Truman who had bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” he said.

Asked why he took so many years to declare himself ‘god’, he told HT: “I was aware of it since my childhood. But I thought it was a psychological disorder. However, lately I have had supernatural experiences which have confirmed my belief that I am god.”

But being a mortal God is not easy, said Mishra. “I have to face rebuke and sarcasm from my colleagues at work. But there are people who ask for help and seek advice from me,” he said.

The court dismissed the ‘divine’ petition, saying that such a case does not fall under the jurisdiction of the judiciary.