//Gujarati Teacher rapes student, forces her to marry him

Gujarati Teacher rapes student, forces her to marry him

Express News Service , March 11, 2007

Vadodara, March 10: A 20-year-old girl on Friday alleged that her college teacher had raped her, after 'luring' her to Ahmedabad with false promises of helping her win Rs 10,000 in a dance competition. According to the girl's complaint, the teacher also threatened her and forced her to marry him.

A student of Balaji College in Chhani, the girl filed the complaint at the Fatehgunj police station, after she was 'rescued' by her mother from the teacher's grandmother's house in Waghodia Road where the girl was allegedly sexually abused as well.

The police said that in the complaint, the girl had accused four people, including the teacher Rakesh Kataria. The others accused are Kataria's grandmother, one Rajan and an anonymous man who, pretending to be the girl, sent a fax to the police commissioner, reportedly claiming that the girl had gone to Ahmedabad of her own accord, without being forced into it. The four accused have been charged under Sections 376 and 365, of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for rape and kidnapping.

The problems started sometime around February 15, during the college's annual day celebrations, when the girl was practising for a dance routine. Kataria allegedly promised to help her win Rs 10,000 at a dance competition in Ahmedabad. The police said that the girl, tempted by the prospect of winning Rs 10,000, went with Kataria to Ahmedabad, but was sexually abused by him.

After returning to Vadodara, Kataria threatened the girl that she would be humiliated if she did not marry him. After they got married, Kataria and his friend Rajan took the girl to the former's house in Waghodia Road. According to the girl's complaint, the grandmother used to lace the girl's food with drugs, which rendered her unconscious. The girl told the police that Kataria then sexually abused her again while she was unconscious.

When she was alone in the house, the girl managed to call her mother who sent people to bring the girl back to their home in Chhani.