//NCHRO's Mumbai Seminar on Encounter Killings

NCHRO's Mumbai Seminar on Encounter Killings

Mumbai, Jun 26: Different communities living in this country should join hands together to counter state terrorism, so that each and every individual is able to lead a dignified life.
Muslims all over are now being targeted in fake encounter killings in the name of terrorism while earlier other downtrodden masses were shot down in the guise of them being Naxalites. These were some the viewpoints expressed in a near unanimous voice by different speakers at the National Seminar on fake ‘Encounter Killings’ organized by the National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) here today, in association with Amnesty International India.
Concerted efforts needs to be made by one and all to see that the unholy nexus between the politicians in power, the police and the media is exposed irrespective of the fact whether one is affected or not, directly or indirectly. The media too has played a major role in creating an image of all Naxalites as anti-nationals and all Muslims as terrorists.

The speakers stressed the need to develop a database of encounter killings in order to follow the cases to its final logical conclusion of bringing the culprits to book under the law of the land. This would give some degree of solace to the kith and kin of those killed in such encounter killings.

The Seminar was attended in large numbers by the delegates and relatives of the victims of encounter killings. The session was presided over by E.M.Abdurahman, General Secretary Popular Front of India, Adv. K.P.Mohamad Shareef, General Convener delivered the welcome address. Dr. John Dayal(President, All India catholic union) inaugurated the seminar. Justice Hosbet Suresh(Mumbai) concluded the seminar. Prof. Nagari Babiah, Ms Gouri Lankesh (Both from Bangalore),Dr. Shamsul Islam (New Delhi), Adv Yousuf Hatim Muchala(Mumbai), Adv. Suresh Kumar, Latheef Mohamed Khan(Both from Andhra Pradesh), Parvez Bari (Bhopal), Pattabhirama Somayaji,B.V Sitaram(Both from Mangalore),, Arshi Khan (Aligarh), Taeedul Islam (West Bengal),G. Subramaniam, Adv. Sunder Raj(Both from Tamil Nadu), T. Sukumaran (Pondichery), Dr Abraham Mathai ,M.A. Khalid (Both from Mumbai) were the other attendees.

Earlier in the day during the interactive session of the human right activists, Justice Hosbet Suresh said that these types of extra judicial killings will put an end to law abiding society.
Justice Suresh during his address before the human rights activists held at Mumbai observed that criminalization and extra judicial powers given to the police force is the main reason for the fake encounter killings. According to him under the existing system, police can book anyone and kill them at any time, in fake encounter in the guise of extremism and terrorism. This is he stated is a violation of person’s rights and right to live. The program was part of a “National Seminar on Encounter Killings” organized by the National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) in association with Amnesty International India on 26 June 2007 and Anti-Torture Day held at the Maratha Patrakar Sangh Hall, Mumbai.

Relatives of encounter victims Gopinatha Pillai (father of Pranesh Kumar alias Javed who was killed in Ahmedabad), Sajida (wife of Pranesh Kumar alias Javed), Muthu Lakshmi (widow of Veerappan killed by STF), Philomina (mother of Sudheer killed by the Mangalore police) Noori (widow of Abdul Raoof who killed by Bangalore police) all shared their personal experiences.

National core committee of NCHRO was formed after the seminar.