//Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

As declared by the Honourable Supreme Court in D. K. Basu’s case (1997 Cr.L.J. 743 SC/1997 (7) Supreme 169) and other cases: –

You can demand the name, designation and the office of the Officer concerned who calls you for investigation or making arrest.

The Officer concerned should prepare a “Custody Memo” and obtain signature from atleast one witness who may be a member of the family of the person arrested.

The arrested person has a right to inform the fact of his arrest to his friend or his family member.

If a person is arrested outside his home town, the legal aid center of the city where arrest is effected, should be informed thereof within 12 hours of the time of arrest by the arresting officer.

The arresting officer should inform the arrested person that he could inform the fact of his arrest to any person he likes.

The arresting officer should keep a separate register and enter the above details therein.

If the arrested person demands, injuries in his body should be examined and the details thereof should be entered into a separate memo and a copy thereof should be handed over to the person arrested.

The arrested person should be allowed to meet his lawyer during interrogation.

No person shall be hand-cuffed without prior written permission therefor from the Judicial magistrate concerned.