//NCHRO Seminar at Kozhikode on February 24,2008

NCHRO Seminar at Kozhikode on February 24,2008

The venue of the national seminar on minorities:detention,torture and discrimination organized by NCHRO turned out to be venue for the hapless mothers and relatives of the marad riot victims to unfold their fears and worries. Over 50 women of Marad came to the hall where the seminar was being held, may be for the first time such a large number of veiled women had appeared in a public Human rights process.
“we have been knocking the doors of the higher authorities but are yet to get any positive answer. Lives of mothers living in the communal riot area is literally in distress” said khadeeja, a mother who is moving pillar to post to secure bail for his son.We have received minimum compensation and are not in a position to spent huge amounts as per order of kerala high court for obtaining bail for our sons,she added.

Speaking on the occasion Justice Hosbet Suresh(Mumbai) opined that the bail given to marad prisoners is equivalent to denying the bail.The bial condition of Rs 6 Lakh for each person through 3 sureties of Rs 2 lakh each, and further conditions that one surety must be a close relative and that the under trials live within three kilometers of the Special trial court in the city is practically for the families of poor fishermen of marad.It is equivalent to denial of bail. I have never heard of such bail conditions in my carrier as a judge in Mumbai high court.

Quoting legal luminaries including former Supreme court judge V R Krishna Iyer, Justice Suresh said in cases of long trials, the courts should support bail rather than jail in the interests if justice. But courts are mercilessly sending the poor into the jail. I had seen in Mumbai where so many muslim youth were put behind the bar even without a primary evidence against them.Anybody could put in jail for countless number of years without bail if he is termed as a terrorist.Special acts like TADA are specially made for this purpose only.Politicians are succeeding in convincing the people of this country for making such laws in the name of war on terror. Every where minorities especially the poor among them are subjected to oppression while the rich escape using their influence.

Dr john Dayal(President, All India Catholic Union&member, national integration council) told the hazardous bail condition of the marad victims and denial of sufficient compensation will be brought in to attention of the national media.Marad like incidents has been happening across the country.In India law is on the side of the upper class rich and not the poor.

The tendency to indict social movements and protests against exploitation has to be abhorred. Referring to the incidents in Orissa, Dr Dayal condemned the immunity apparently accorded by the State government to the Sangh Parivar which is in absolute control of the governance. A Christian church was attacked in Delhi yesterday by Bajrang Dal activists.They were shouting that Delhi is not a place for Muslims and Christians. Nobody is calling RSS a terrorist gang with criminal character, instead they are calling humanrights activists from Muslim and Christian community as terrorists.

Brother Johnson diggel,a student from orissa who is presently pursuing his studies in kannur seminary,recollected the incidents which they had to undergo during the riot that broke out on the Christmas eve.

A Public hearing headed by Justice H. Suresh, Dr John Dayal and CHRO Chairperson A Vasu was also conducted.

E.Aboobacke r(Chairman Popular Front Of India also spoke on the occasion.Adv K.P Mohamad Shareef presided over the seminar.Noorul Ameen welcomed the gathering and aziz delivered the vote of thanks.