//Marad: misscarriage of justice

Marad: misscarriage of justice

Kochi: A public hearing headed by former Mumbai High Court Judge V. Suresh, human rights activist John Dayal and chairperson of the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO) A. Vasu has described as “miscarriage of justice” the Kerala High Court conditions for bail to 30 of the 139 Muslims currently in Kozhikode District Jail. They are facing trial for their alleged involvement in the second of the twin communal incidents that led to the death of nine persons in Marad, a fishing village near Kozhikode.

Dr. Dayal and Dr. Abdul Salam, Secretary, NCHRO, told reporters here that the public hearing felt that the conditions made bail virtually impossible for these people. Dr. Dayal also criticised the Orissa government for giving a free hand to Sangh Parivar elements in that State.