//Release the innocents;Punish the guilty : NCHRO Karnataka

Release the innocents;Punish the guilty : NCHRO Karnataka

Belgaum:The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations(NCHRO) , Karnataka Chapter is conducted a meeting at Belgaum Titled “Release the innocents ;Punish the guilty -Meeting of the parents of Innocent Accused” on 29th November 2008(Saturday).

Adv KP Mohammed Shareef, National General Secretary of NCHRO and eminent lawyer, inaugurated “Legal Defense and Meeting of the parents of Innocent Accused in North Karnatka” at Belgaum, Saturday(29-11-2008). Isabella Xavier, senate member of Dharwad University snd director of Sadhana Human Rights organization was among the chief guests.

In her address to the gathering, she called for unity of all sects and communities against the human rights violation that have been taking place. She urged not to place trust in any political Party in the matter. She asked for greater participation of women in defending human rights for the women and children of the society are the most affected in any case of violation. She also called for the Innocent-accused to jointly speak out against this crime, otherwise it would just increase; urging to live life with dignity. The common people are being used as mere vote bank by political parties

In his Keynote address, Advocate Shareef comforted the parents of the victims asking the them not to panic – the truth will come out one day; and the human rights organisation is together with them. The Advocate gave reassuring examples where the youth, who were initially detained illegally and tortured in connected to Mecca Masjid & Lumbini park blasts(Hyderabad), were freed with compensation ranging from Rs30,000 to Rs 70000 given by the AP Government.

In his insight to the degrading affects that flase coverage by sections of media has brought, he informed the gathering of how the lives of falsely-accused in Malegaon case have shattered. Even journalist Praveen Swami has had a share in this. The civil society were made to believe stories.
And now, the Malegoan case has now started seeing light – Sandhvis, Saints, army men, and the Sangh have turned out to be the real culprits. Lt Purohits has admitted in the narcoanalysis test that the RSS leader Indresh Kumar has taken Rs.3 Crore from Pakistans ISI. Even Praveen Togadias name had come up in the investigations. All this points to who actually are betraying the country. And now the upright ATS Chief Hemant Karkare has been killed. Who is behind all this?

In such cases, there has been a dual stand by bar councils – the lawyers like Noor Mohammed in Madhya Pradesh were attacked, threatened or their offices ransacked; while the bar council had no issues when the Sadhvi or Colonel being supported.

India is facing a great challenge at this time – the Human Rights activists should stand united against the violations by government agencies. Real culprits should be brought to justice.Human rights violation cases should filed and followed up. All of the police is not bad. Innocent-accused should get moral and financial support.

In the Section that followed, the relatives of the Innocent-Accused gave account of the trauma and suffering they have been facing. Mothers holding their feeding babies came up to the stage, with several not able to speak out of sorrow. Their tears and loss of words deeply moved the audience. The relatives requested for the need to defend their brethren, husbands and bread-winners to the audience. Their request to the engineers, doctors and businessmen who had turned up for the gathering left them speechless, with tears welling up. The poignant atmosphere created there left a deep imprint on the souls – both the relatives and the audience – resolving to fight for the basic human rights of these victims, and to prevent that atmosphere repeatedly created daily in the homes of the Innocent accused through out India.

NCHRO Karnataka Chapter