//The World Wellness Women’s Congress, Chennai

The World Wellness Women’s Congress, Chennai

World Wellness Women’s Congress (WWWC)   The  World Wellness Women’s Congress,

20–22 March 2009 in Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, Tamil Nadu,  India.
This project is jointly organized by the World Wellness Open University (WWOU) in India, The California Mind and Body International Clinic and The United World for the International Protection of Children & Women’s Rights (UWICR) from USA and Germany. Approximately 2000 participants from all parts of the world are expected to attend this congress including special honorary guests, international award winners, expert and pioneer women in the international fields of spirituality, health, social responsibility and human rights.
We believe that women play a key role in the creation of wellness and peace for themselves, their family and society. This World Congress brings powerful women together to create social consciousness and to raise awareness about spiritual, social and economical responsibility towards health, wellness and safety for women and their children all over the world.
Objectives of the Congress:

To provide a global platform for women of all nations, cultures and groups, especially those involved in social organizations, wellness business activities and health  to help solve the problems of poverty, safety and health.

To establish an international network through the committee that will be formed during the congress which in turn will be directing and supporting wellness projects in 5 continents and the next World Wellness Women’s Congress in Africa, in 2010.

To improve knowledge and practical experience of the wellness lifestyle and business to assist women  to become successful leaders.

This event provides an excellent opportunity for women’s organizations, wellness companies and the business community to make new international contacts for global wellness and peace.

We would appreciate your valued participation as a speaker, participant, exhibitor, advisor or as a sponsor to make this important venture a great success.

Please, visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Dr. P.Geetha             Phone: + 91 09380292636               
Organizing Secretary – India                                        E-mail: [email protected]
World Wellness Women’s Congress (WWWC)           Website: www.wwwcon.org