//Police beat judge, lawyers, court staff inside Madras High Court premises

Police beat judge, lawyers, court staff inside Madras High Court premises

Tamil Nadu police have scored another dubious record of  causing bleeding  injuries to a sitting High Court judge, hundreds of lawyers and  court staff inside Madras High Court premises with stone-pelting and cane charge – all  inside the court premises. Every one who watched the video clippings of the events in the television channels has been terrorised.

The excuse the police  have is that a police station inside the court premises had been set ablaze by a mob.

Even if the police had the “real intention” of dispersing the ” unlawful assembly ” by the use of “minimum force”,  as per the rules framed by the Committee of Inspector Generals of Police in 1962 , they are prohibited from striking any one in the head because the aim was not to deliver instant justice! The police have gone to the court halls and chambers in search of lawyers and had beaten every one they saw there. Not just throwing the rules to the wind, you could see the police pelting stones at the lawyers and judges, damaging their  vehicles , breaking the glass window panes of the court … one should see it to believe it. Even journalists were not spared from brutal bleeding injuries. Judges and lawyers were in their uniform when they were attacked and even  journalists who showed their ID cards were beaten mercilessly.

Hundreds of judges, lawyers and court staff -male and female , had to keep themselves locked inside their chambers fearing attack by the police till late in night  on the 19th February,2009. Even the lawyers who had offices in and around court area had been terrorised by the police . Are they law enforcement officials? Lawyers are increasingly becoming endangered species ! We urge all institutions of the State to ensure that justice is done at the earliest in this matter  which has never happened in the 150 year-history of the Madras High court.

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