//Sikh apex body demands expulsion of Defense Minister A K Antony

Sikh apex body demands expulsion of Defense Minister A K Antony

AMRITSAR: Shriomani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) President Avtar Singh Makkar Friday demanded that Union defence minister A.K. Anthony should be expelled from the Parliament as he allegedly hurt the sentiments of Sikh community. Makkar said that Anthony given unaccountable statement whereupon Anthony declared that SGPC was returned all the rare Sikh manuscripts and original religious books which were taken away by the Indian Army during the operation Blue star in 1984 from the Sikh Reference Library in the Golden Temple complex.

Makkar said that Anthony delivered wrong statement to mislead the Sikh community as all the books and rare manuscripts which were taken away by the Army still with the Union Government of India. He said that by delivering such statements Anthony sprinkled salt on unhealed wounds of Sikh community.

Makkar said that as per the SGPC record all the books and related material were subsequently screened by CBI in 1984 in the presence of Punjab Police Inspector Ranjit Singh (now retired) was also present with Makkar.

Ranjit Singh said that he was the eyewitness when books were taken away from Golden Temple by Indian Army which further given  to CBI for screening. He said at that time he was on duty in 1984.

Makkar said that right from the beginning Congress remained anti Sikh and never thought better for Sikh community. Makkar said that during the infamous operation Blue Star, Indian Army took away more than ten thousand books from the Sikh Reference Library.

Makkar said that since 1984 onwards, SGPC submitted innumerous written requests to all the prime Ministers and Presidents till 2008 to return the Sikh religious material as the sentiments of Sikh community were deeply attached with the material taken away by the army.

Makkar also admitted that so far, only 62 books were returned by the  Union Government of India nearly two and half year back through Punjab Government.  Makkar added that still retired police and Army officers, involved in Operation Blue Star were alive and they could make the situation clearer and Union Government of India should take their help to restore the valuable books and other articles to SGPC.

Friday, 20 February 2009, JAGMOHAN SINGH, PunjabNewsline.com