//Hindutva moral cops threaten Hindu girls for talking to Muslim boy

Hindutva moral cops threaten Hindu girls for talking to Muslim boy

MANGALORE: The moral police are at it again in Mangalore and the pattern and regularity are alarming.  Two girls and a boy sipping juice at a roadside shop in the Balmatta area of the town were shocked to find a group of young men walking up to them menacingly. The men threatened the girls for talking to the boy. Their reason: The girls were Hindus and the boy was a Muslim.

Police, who arrived later at the spot, recorded the statement of one of the girls, Anushwitha of Panambur.

Police said Aqeel, son of port trust employee Abdul Khader, was talking to Anushwitha, daughter of his father’s colleague, and her friend, Sushila of Alake Bajal. The girls work at a private firm in Balmatta.

Police said the men, numbering five, confronted the girls and the boy, threatened them and left.

The incident follows the assault on girls at a pub and roughing up of the daughter of a Kerala MLA for talking to a Muslim friend. The most serious was the case of the 16-year-old Hindu girl who ended her life after some men took her and a friend, again a Muslim boy, to the police station.

Police denied reports that the men beat up Aqeel.

26 Feb 2009, TNN